Customs Clearance Service

1st Warehouse can offer extremely professional and reliable service for UK customs declarations. We can provide declarations for imports and exports for all the main UK ports, Felixstowe, London gateway, Tilbury, Thames port, Southampton, Liverpool and more... we We also offer transit (T1) documents.


Customs Declarations fixed price.

  • Customs Declarations charged at £29.00/ Clearance (3 headings included)
  • £2.50 per heading thereafter
  • Processed by an experienced custom broker.
  • Speedy and efficient service.

Do you need a transit document (T1)?

A T1 shipping note is a customs document that provides you with an LRN number and is used in cross-border movements of goods for transporting customs goods from one customs office to another. Basically, if you are travelling through another EU country, prior to arriving at your destination, you will need a T1 as well as a customs declaration. Our charges based on the service you are using from only £80.

Please contact us on + 01394 242025 , or email for further information.


Customs Clearance we offer outstanding levels of service, flexibility and solution quality

Are you ready for the customs changes on the 1st January 2021, if you import from the EU from Jan 2021 you will need to complete customs declarations for your cargo.

We are able provide you customs clearance services to help you through the process of importing your cargo in to the UK, letting you do what you do best.

Import Clearance from the Rest of the world

Importing from China, Far East and other locations around the world we are here to help, we specialise in sea freight customs clearances from food to furniture we can customs clear your cargo. contact us today

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